Monday, September 26, 2016

Where's the voice from? (Cont'd)

Suddenly, a torrent of words, quickly culminating into short sentences, seemed to begin ringing in my head. They went “Love is all there is. Love is all you need. Love everyone. Love anyone. Love your past. Love your present. Love your future. Love your health. Love your body. Love your personality. Love your mood-swings. Love your madness. Love every part of you."

I was reading many self-help books at the time, so when this was happening to me, I thought I’d clearly gone cuckoo. And just as I finished thinking that thought, another one came charging in, "Yes, you have. For if you want to truly experience life, you have to be out of your mind. I’m going to tell you how to change your life. Forget what you’ve read, heard, learnt all these years. Law of attraction, positive thinking, visualization techniques – all that is great but has no lasting results, ultimately leaving you disillusioned. Life is more than material wealth. We’re going to unlock the wisdom within you. There’s only one way of truly changing your life and attaining enlightenment and that is to walk the path of love. You need nothing else but this. It is literally a panacea for all ills – and when you feel it doesn’t work, all you need to do is increase the dose." I couldn’t help but ask "Haven’t masters, authors, religious texts already explored the concept of love. What’s new here?" The voice replied, "That's true, but many have chosen a style that is too difficult to understand, and hence these ideas don’t really get absorbed in your consciousness; they simply get washed away at the surface. Moreover, there’s too much unnecessary delving into the functions of the ego and mind. The ego and mind are there for a reason, and you don’t need to conquer any of them. Nothing is achieved by conquering. Force has never resolved issues, and your world is a testimony to this. All you need to do is love. And everything else falls into place naturally. We’re about to have a little conversation, and be prepared. This conversation will change your life.

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